Constitution of the Council

A Chairman to be nominated by the Government

Ex-officio Members:

  1. Director of. Public Instructions, Assam-Vice-Chairman
  2. Director of Agriculture, Assam.
  3. Director of Technical Education, Assam.
  4. Director of Health Services, Assam.
  5. Director of Industries, Assam.
  6. Dean, Assam  Agricultural College, A.A.U Jorhat.
  7. Dean, Assam Veterinary College,  A.A.U., Khanapara.
  8. Chairman, Board Assam. Of Secondary Education,

Members to be nominated by the Government:

  1. One Inspector of Schools.
  2. One Principal from any Government Higher Secondary Schools.
  3. One Principal from any Provincialised Higher Secondary Schools.
  4. One Principal from any Deficit Colleges under the Dibrugarh University.
  5. One Principal from any Deficit Colleges under the Gauhati University.
  6. One Principal from any Government Colleges.
  7. One representative of each of the Universities of the State on the recommendations of respective Vice-Chancellors.
  8. One Principal from Colleges. any Teachers Training
  9. One Principal from any Engineering Colleges.
  10. Two Principals from Junior Colleges-One from each University.
  11. Two representatives from the Secondary School/ Junior Association. recognized Higher College Teachers ‘

Co-opted Members:

  1. The Council shall have the power to co-opt not more than three members from amongst the distinguished educationists of the State.
  2. The Government shall appoint an officer of the Government as ex-office Secretary of the Council who shall also be an ex-officio member of the Council. The emoluments of the ex-officio Secretary shall be determined by the Government and shall be paid from the Council’s fund.